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"The day I joined this program my life changed. My energy level changed, the way I look at life and my future changed. I'm so grateful.Thank you Vick, you are really a GREAT MAN and a LEADER for others" 
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Look, If You're Sick And Tired Of: 
Information Overload - you don't know where to start or what to do...
Theory and Complexity - if everything seems to be complicated...
Not Getting The Results You Want - unable to get sales and money...
Traffic Generation Challenges - not knowing how and where to get hungry visitors to your website that are ready to buy what you're selling...
Just Fluff - a bunch of gurus talking and no "1-2-3 action plan" to follow...
And You Really Want:
A Simple 1-2-3 Guide - that shows you exactly what to do to get results...
A Selling "Machine" - that generates massive sales and makes you money even 
if you have no product or website...
Multiple Streams of Income - that get you paid from many different sources...
Be Part of An Active "$100,000 Campaign" - literally watch step-by-step how we create a brand new campaign from scratch, start small and grow it go generating $100,000 in commission - all in real time, before your very eyes. (We call this "Operation $100K" and this is just 'next level' stuff!)
Learn How To "Command" Sales On-Demand - where you never have to rely on anybody or anything and never struggle again...
Then Look No Further.
The 4 Percent Group '7 Steps To Results' Guide
Is Exactly What You Need To Create The Success You Desire.
As soon as you create your 4% Group FREE account, you'll immediately be taken to our famous '7 Steps To Results' guide and hit the ground running!
Here Are The 7 Steps:
New Member Orientation (strategy is everything.)
Here you will immediately discover the biggest secret behind our massive success with promotional campaigns and why they're so effective. We will go over: details, strategy and plan for domination.
Quick Setup & Multiple Streams of Income Activation
Right away, we'll get to it. In this step we'll get your payment account setup so you can get paid. You'll also be able to activate your multiple streams of income so you can get paid from up to 10 different sources - all passively! 
Your "Cash Machine" Setup
We create industry-shacking, massive results-getting, records-setting custom funnels and marketing systems for everything we promote. In this step you will setup your very own 'done-for-you' marketing funnel ready to make you money.
Power Activation. (How To Get Results in 24 hours)
By this time, you'll have your complete marketing system setup. In this step you'll get specific instructions on exactly what you can do to start generating sales and results in as soon as 24 hours without spending any money on ads.
Plant Your Flag, Become Unstoppable.
In this step you'll learn what all of our top income earners, without exception have in common and how you can model what they do. You'll learn how to save a bunch of money and immediately maximize and multiply your income. 
Do This To Create 'Invisible Power' 
In this step we dive into the #1 secret for creating what we call your "Invisible Power". If you want to get to levels of massive success, you must follow certain rules. In this step you'll learn how to virtually guarantee your dominance.
Operation $100K
This is where we take things to a whole other level. Imagine being a "fly on the wall" and watch Vick create a brand new campaign from scratch and generate $100K in commissions. You get to see every move, every click - in real time!
Just How Powerful Is The 4% Group System?
Watch This Video:
"$200K In 24 Days"
Saj P. shot this video while visiting India :). 

He's an 8-time Clickbank bestseller, an industry leader and also a 4% group proud member. 

NOTE: Saj does not give out endorsements like this unless it's for something he strongly believes is real, works and can make a big difference for those who use it. 

"Does This Work For Beginners Too?"
Ok, Check This Out...
"4 Days In And Already Getting Sales"
Tannish M.  is a brand new member and in her first 4 days she's already getting results - A.K.A. SALES! 

At the end of the day what really matters is that you're getting RESULTS, true?

"Ok... Ok... But How About Everybody Else?"
Well, I'm Glad You Asked... Watch This:
Real Time Members Feedback.
You see, there's a lot of shenanigans going on in this industry and there are a lot of pretenders, fake gurus and teachers that can't help themselves, let alone others.

Watch this video of me asking members feedback on a live webinar. What you'll see is shockingly amazing. 

It just doesn't get any more real than this. :)

"I Love It! But If It's That Great...
Why Are You Giving This Away For FREE?!"
Great question. You see, it's got to do a lot with our VISION.
Help 1,000,000 Members Create Solid Income Online.
...And this is just the beginning. It's a worthy goal and get this - we're ON TRACK to making this a reality within the next 6-12 months. It's actually happening as you're reading this letter right now! 
There's a huge momentum happening and timing is very important.

Look, I realize there's a lot of garbage out there online and naturally a lot of people are skeptical... perhaps they got burned before. I get it.
So, provided you're a good fit, resonate with our vision, and willing to do whatever it takes to become the next great success story - by allowing you in to the group completely free and showing you that I can help you by ACTUALLY helping you get real results, letting you see the entire system, USE OUR SYSTEM, see our amazing community (which, by the way is UNBELIEVABLE!) - my hope is that you will immediately realize that you will want to lock arms with us and help us expand this vision even further, reaching and helping millions of people together. And of course, you will be able to ascend and go to higher levels of membership so it's a win-win. 
Look at the end of the day what really matters is you getting results, agreed? 

You don't necessarily need more theory or more courses to buy or more videos to watch that just give you... well, again - more theory and fluff that you can't implement. 

What you need is RESULTS ...FAST. 

Yes? I'm talking "results" as in getting sales, earning commissions, putting money in your bank account.

I get it, and that's exactly and precisely what we're focusing on here at The 4 Percent Group.

We help our members get results. Period. 

If we can help you get results, you'll become a raving fan and a loyal member of our community for life, helping us spread the vision and together we can positively impact millions of people's lives.

We can make a big impact in this industry together and we will start by first helping YOU. 

I don't really need to sell you on this because you can get started right now absolutely free. 

At this point what I will say to you is...
Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough and Results? 
Here's Your Next Step
This Might Just Be What You've Been Looking For...
Don't Miss This Shot.
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