1-10-22 Family Reunion

Updates, cool new ESTAGE features demo, and a real, raw conversation about success.

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  1. Ernest Gamez Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Im so happy, your baby Michael is doing better Vick. I prayed for his health and all your family…

  2. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    I also wanted to share what Vick mentioned about being confused on what your business is because that was a big breakthrough for me when I understood it and I have to thank Vick and my other mentor for exposing me to these ideas. Vick has been sharing this for years. It’s because he understands it that he’s successful in what he does.

    First I have never seen Vick promote anything directly since I’ve been following him. There is always value and the traffic/people go through him to get to the offer. Now the affiliate link is not his business. His business is what he created the systems and community he put ahead of the offer. Where he positions himself and is able to add value to his community.

    Now here we get to leverage these systems and tools but make no mistake that is not our business. Those are extensions of our business that we get to plug in/leverage with our business. You need to create a front end and community that would be interested in what your offering or promoting. That’s your business.

    Dont think that by sending traffic to these funnels directly without adding any value is your ticket to freedom. You might make some money but you will never truly be free. You will always be relying for the next hot offer to promote.

    When in reality if you have your business foundation, structure and design set up correctly. You will never have a problem promoting anything good in your market.

    All the systems and tools here are leverage for YOUR business. You rely on your value to the marketplace and learn to replicate/imitate the systems created here customized to you.

    The promotions/campaigns/funnels are meant as a shortcut to help you make some cash for your business. That’s a big mindshift that brings clarity in your business online. It makes a huge difference understanding that. That’s a big problem in affiliate marketing and why most fail.

    All the pre launches and funnels being dropped are extensions of your business. Your business is created on estage. That’s your #1 asset. Everything else is income streams you attach.

    Dont focus on selling in your business, focus on serving. Let the funnels and campaigns do that. Your in the business of serving value and then strategically attaching promotions or offers. That’s why it’s so important because the value you add to it is what is going to make all the difference and that can only come from you.

    What’s being done here in fourpercent is next level affiliate marketing. That those who build there “value hub” and learn how to leverage it with all systems and tools can EASILY make 6 figures a year on autopilot in their business. As hyperbole/scammy as it sounds but is true. Focus on your business and then be the connector.

  3. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    Vick is spot on and that’s what attracted me to him. Your success online has nothing to do with the company/service/product your promoting as crazy as it sounds. Here’s a timeless secret I’ve learned and apply that I know for a fact Vick follows also because once you get this right you can present any good offer (product/service/company) behind it and it will convert. We are dealing with laws of the universe above all.

    1) YOUR mission is to create value in a market.
    2) Plan your promotions, products, services, and marketing for specific groups of people. Tip: Think of your big mission(see first principle) at all times.

    That foundation comes down to one major things that many marketers flat out overlook…..

    Knowing Your Customer

    Also know as… Preparation. Are you guilty of buying a plr report, creating a squeeze that report, and linking to a random affiliate offer in your email follow ups?

    I’m sure many of you are.
    Have you bought a “Done For You” funnel, with pre-made webpages, list bribes, and offers, that you can just plug & play?
    Once again, I’m sure many of you are.

    Have many of you failed miserably going these routes?

    I know MOST of you are.
    And, the reason is simple. You had ran traffic to these offers with ZERO clue as to WHO the people were being driven to your site. This is one of the huge dis-services out there. We’re always talking about traffic this, traffic that, but we tend to forget that traffic = people. It’s PEOPLE clicking your ads, it’s PEOPLE joining your list, it’s PEOPLE buying your offers. We’re all concerned with getting traffic
    but no one is trying to get PEOPLE.

    Let me give you a newsflash if you weren’t already familiar. When you put an offer in front of people, you become a ‘Salesman/saleswoman’. Selling is what you do.

    Now, I want you to envision a great salesman you’ve met in life. What was the main trait he/she possessed that made them so convincing?

    I’ll give you three guesses….
    1) They we’re dressed professionally… Ummm NO!!!
    2) They we’re selling a stellar product… couldn’t be more irrevelant….
    3) They we’re a ‘PEOPLE PERSON!!!!!!!!’ – Yeah that’s the ticket

    Yes, what commonly makes great sales people great, is they are naturally persuasive. They have a knack for being easy to relate too. They just seem trustworthy.

    Now, being a people person online is a little trickier because you don’t have the benefit of the natural rapport building a in-person or phone meeting provides.

    You have to manufacture this comfortable space for the prospect. And, you do that with preparation. Running your ads to the wrong audience, or running the wrong ad to the right audience is a waste of time and money. You aren’t looking to “practice” marketing after all, you want to run real campaigns and make real money, right? (I thought so.) That’s why simply getting visitors isn’t enough, even if they are “targeted.”

    And, the key to doing this correctly is by answering the #1 question in every prospects brain when they see your ad for the first time. And, that question is…

    “Why Should I care?”

    You ask this question in your mind everytime you go through your inbox full of marketers trying to sell you something. The marketer that actually gets you to click has effectively answered that question. You’re favorite marketer who you see as a upstanding, quality product creator… has effectively convinced you to care about what he/she has to say.

    That being said, we have all the tools and trainings you will ever need to be successful here. But nothing will work unless you do. Fourpercent is a mindset and way of operating that allows you to leverage all that’s here to achieve the success you seek.

    I remember seeing a video years ago about someone asking Bob Proctor “What is the secret to success?” and he simply said something similar to what Vick said in this meeting. Fall in love with what it is your doing and dedicate yourself to it. Everything else you learn along the way. I truly believe in what we are doing here because I know we are working with the laws. We have the best trainings and tools but that doesn’t matter if you dont believe in yourself and move with a purpose.

    Increase YOUR value by learning, studying, applying and sharing. Everything else will fall in place. That’s just the way things work. There’s no way around it. I’m happy and blessed to be a part of a community of like minded souls. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best. There is no excuses. We have infinite potential. Get to work on yourself and learn how to best serve your market/customers and the money will follow. Thank you Vick for everything, your an inspiration my brother!

  4. Bobby Lockhart VIP says:

    You pulled many things together for us on this Reunion session. Will dive into Internet Traffic Mastery – will live there for some time as you suggest. Thrilled about all our tools and strategies we purchased to assist us even more with this huge mission. Grateful to be Gold Lifetime.

  5. Lina Abdelbadia Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Always to looking forward to the meetings. I wish to attend live, I done it few times, but I felt like a zombie those days :D:D:D because starting time it’s at 2am here in UK, which is not a big deal, just didn’t like the way I felt those days without proper sleep.

    Thank you Vick, you are amazing for what you do for us.

    1. KYRIAKOS GKIKAS Super VIP Ecosystem says:

      I’m in the UK too Lina !! Happy New Year

  6. Silvia Guardino Super VIP says:

    Thanks Vick for the recording. For us in Europe it is too late to watch live so I appreciate you think of us unable to watch live.
    I hear you and I understand that we are responsible for creating our business and hub and the rest us secondary. I am in the process of building a hub but I have 3 main line sources of development and I am a bit confused as to how best unified those.
    It’s all about health, physical, mental and financial health. Do I create just one hub or maybe 2?
    Could I get a 1:1 to get some clarifications on how best structure my idea? I would really appreciate that.
    Glad to hear that baby Michael is doing better.
    Take care and stay safe.