1-12-22 ESTAGE Ambassadors Meeting

Private meeting for ESTAGE Ambassadors.

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    Thanks Vick, great session.

  2. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    Hey Norman, VIP is optional but highly recommended in my opinion. It’s an opportunity to partner with the company and leverage their internal promotions, campaigns or funnels. it’s not necessary for your success online or with fourpercent but the advantage is you get to learn, witness and leverage how an 8 figure marketer/company executes on a more intimate level. It’s an opportunity to add more income streams to your business also. Dont confuse that for anything else. There’s no pressure to be VIP but it would be a huge disservice to the community if Vick doesn’t mention it but like I said its optional if you dont see the value of becoming VIP. Then dont do it. There is so many other projects going on in fourpercent that is not necessary to make money. It’s just another extra layer of leverage you open up for yourself that’s it. It’s going to take a little while to learn how to use estage (The technical stuff) like any other platform. I understand it can be a little overwhelming but just take action dont let the technical things worry you. I promise you they get easier.

  3. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    Vick Is this VIP or estage?Just wondered🤔
    tbh still a (Mile ahead)I am making constructive criticism)
    Honest Vick,estage is not easy for Joe public.
    I am giving genuine feedback..

  4. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    Why is VIP always mentioned when many of don’t have VIP🤔

    1. Ask Vick VIP says:

      hey brother, don’t worry about it if you don’t care for it.

      1. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

        If this was up there I would say so.
        It’s not about not liking it
        I understand if I am to promote,it has to have something better than it is now.
        Product of the product
        Can we build a fourpercent website with estage🤔
        If you can’t say🤔 what’s the point.
        You can’t talk directly to Vick.
        I asked to change to VIP
        ANSWER NO.

  5. Bobby Lockhart VIP says:

    You are working smart Vick to ensure our success – thank you.