1-24-22 Fam Reunion – How To Create Financial Abundance For Real

Want to create a true financial abundance for real? Do this…

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  1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    Hey Vick, great advise and well said my brother. You have to keep focus on the main thing. You have to become very clear on that. Everything else is bells and whistles. Which are great but they also have there place. You cant put the horse before the carriage. As soon as you understand it and practice it. You will have positioned yourself ahead of 96% of your competition no matter what your promoting. This one idea is more powerful than any strategy or tactic you will ever learn.

  2. Leanne Dunn Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Really powerful session thanks Vick – you’re on fire! It blows me away how you have all the energy to do all that you do for us…. clearly you love what you do!

  3. Paul Querido says:

    Fantastic presentation, Vick…and I really like that you want people in the community to contribute things. When I get going I will make some cool videos!

  4. Rajesh Mathur Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Watching replay gave me a better idea! Awaiting keenly for the upcoming setup on this coming Wednesday.
    Thanks Vick. Keep Smiling.

  5. Lina Abdelbadia Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Replay, can’t wait for todays training. Thank you VICK :):):)

  6. Trin Rios Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Vick, another AWESOME session, the ball is really starting to roll down the mountain now! Thanks. 😎

  7. Robert Trickett VIP says:

    Apple, thats that Chinese company right?😁

  8. Lolita Haque says:

    I’m watching the replay now…( building the Hub is quiet complicated, I am stucked in the Estage , when Mr Vick is doing the talking, so very easy to understand, but going there in the Estage is a different thing to do..as if Mr Nigel is talking to those who are very computer literate that knew 100% the computer technology..oh la la( but Mr Nigel is also a down to earth coach like Mr Vick, I supposed…