1-31-22 Fam Reunion – The 3 Pyramids for High Influence

At this event, Vick talks about the 3 pyramids for high influence. Do this to crush it in any business or marketplace!

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  1. EWA CHOJNOWSKA Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I know that physical business is dying, but I’m with your wife on the boutique. I have to try on the clothes and shoes that I’m buying. I’ve had too many bad experiences with ordering clothing and shoes online. I’m done with that. You could, probably, figure out together a good business model even for that. Anywho … It took me a while to get a new computer (my old one was just turtle slow) and put it together. Last night I could, finally, use it for a first time. Now I have to catch up a little and it’s go time!

  2. Lina Abdelbadia Super VIP Ecosystem says:


    I’m so obsessed that I feel like I have to motivate myself to cook, clean, laundry etc. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks Vick :):):)

  3. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    its true though Bezos is a fake..

  4. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    me..health..to political system,affiliate.

  5. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    DJ Everyone in the house..

  6. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    great mate,10 days offline.am back

  7. Yahyaidris Thomas Super VIP says:

    I really appreciate these meetings Vick, I learn so much things I wasn’t even thinking about. Thank you