10-13-21 Wealth Autopilot Post-Launch Team Call!

WOW… Wealth Autopilot has launched! Here’s what to do NEXT…

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  1. Lina Abdelbadia Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    love Vicks teachings and strategies

  2. Lee Clough VIP says:

    Absolutely LOVE it

  3. JR Estrada VIP says:

    Good stuff Vick balancing I will.

  4. Diana Herche says:

    This is so exciting! Thanks to you and your team for the hard work in pulling this together!

  5. Anthony Dallmann-Jones VIP says:

    Any way to avoid WEBBY app? It is just one more potential block to people going to webinar. If inexperienced, they may be leary of downloading this to their computer…

    1. Lee Clough VIP says:

      Earn a few quid eventually, skill up. Toolup.

  6. Anthony Dallmann-Jones VIP says:

    I congratulate you on getting this together, Vick and Team. Whew! Long and hard hours. We know…many of us understand. I have a caution…based on what happened in Dec. It is about “buying acquisitions.: 1) Is 7K cool with this? 2) Say, I bought an acquisition, is there a guarantee that person WILL sign up for 7K? (If they don’t, do I still have to pay for the acquisition?)

  7. Christopher Gallagher VIP says:

    Remember ya’ll , from me being for years 1 thing i’m grateful for is there’s a method to Vicks madness lolllll

  8. Flemming Svensson Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thanks for catching up

    But still I can’t get the signup link from 7Kmetals
    where exactly under the chickyboom N. / WA. Do I have to click?

  9. Hayley Devrell VIP says:

    Amazing! Keen to leverage this