12-2 Urgent Call With VIPs & Ambassadors

Get a private sneak-peek of the latest amazing ESTAGE features we’ve shipped, an expanded vision of the MSI ecosystem, and our own private TRAFFIC MACHINE!

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  1. Darryl S Douglas Super VIP says:


  2. Carika Fourie Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Awesome!!! Estage all the way!!! Thanks Vick πŸ™‚

  3. Michael Allan Aquino VIP says:

    Love the new integrations. Hopefully we can also get FB CAPI since FB Pixel is not that efficient anymore.

  4. JoAnn Freeman Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    great information here

  5. Curtis Futch VIP says:

    Great stuff

  6. Thomas Tarnowski Super VIP says:

    This is Fryckin InsanE!

  7. ANNA HARRIS Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I was traveling and did not see the email until the day after, so I missed the live vote. My vote would have been for #4. I am all in as a VIP Partner and so excited about the future with 4% and Estage. Estage is a remarkable creation, and I am so grateful to you and the Dev team for the countless hours of hard work and creative imagination. I love the YouTube marketing idea and will be on board. 2023 is going to be an amazing year for many of us! Thank you!

  8. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    Hey Vick, those are some super engaging new features on Estage. Fantastic way your leveraging MSI for the meantime. Estage is really turning into a world class platform. By the time it lauches the contrast is going to be night and day. Your creating a new category my brother. This will eventually attract some big businesses once the word starts getting out. The sales page for estage is going to be outstanding when it shows what it can do against the so called competition. Im sure you have been researching the reviews or pros and cons of other similar softwares on the market to see what other pros like and dont like about them so you could squash does bugs on estage. Its getting better and better brother. Also, for the logo for the I like number 7 because of the green color which transfers emotions such as prosperity, loyalty, health, safety, etc. and also the Icon would pop out more as the channel profile pic.

  9. Yahyaidris Thomas Super VIP says:

    I would have been on the call if I had seen the email before I went to bed! Now that I’ve watched the replay I can see the importance of this meet up! I am very excited about the future of these two companies, things are looking very promising indeed 🀺πŸ₯·πŸ½ πŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸ πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ€©

  10. Keith Massey Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    All is moving at all levels at an incredible pace to take internet markeing towards
    as close to perfection as is possible in this world.

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