12-27-21 How To Achieve Any Goal – The Framework

In this meeting, Vick shows a simple, proven framework for achieving any goal. Use this for 2022!

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  1. Vinay Kumar Goud Mothkur says:

    Simply Superb Vick..The information you provide is absolutely fantastic..Just a Bulb on/AHA Moment watching this video.More Power To You.

  2. Janette Blissett Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Joined 4% Gold VIP last week. Complete 7 Step Guide, 7 Step Mastery, ESTAGE is in progress,…decided to watch this Replay. Happy I did. Moving on to the others. Goldmine of nuggets. Thank you, VICK!

  3. Eric Casman says:

    I’ve got three the oldest one is 30 youngest one is 12

  4. Eric Casman says:

    Just put my nose to the grindstone

  5. Mariana Farias Barlowe Super VIP says:

    I’m In….

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