2-8-22 Fam Reunion – A Special Message and Fun Updates!

The 3 things I learned from Bob Proctor that made me millions… Plus see some fun updates demo!

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  1. Earnie Rhyker VIP says:

    Awesome webinar, took a bunch of notes, and love the estage updates too! I defo found what I wanna do, and FP is taking things to a whole new level for us.

  2. Eyez Giraud Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I loved Bob Proctor been following him since 2004. A truly great great man.
    Bob Proctor committed his entire life to one purpose: To reach one individual after another, assuring each person that not only could they achieve greatness … but that greatness already lived within them.

    Bob Proctor’s Livestreamed Memorial on February 27th at 2 PM ET.

  3. Olisaemeka Aboh Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I have followed him lately; Canadian too. May his soul rest in peace. The greatest motivational speakers are all in the past now!

  4. Ernest Gamez Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I will never quit Vick, I will continue to achieve success.

  5. Ernest Gamez Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    God bless Bob Proctor. R.I.P.

  6. Sanjay Brahmbhatt Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Dear Vick all the time mentioning about E-STAGE Awesomeness & updates …that is cool but not listening a request to offer one time affordable payment to get Lifetime E-stage license…..at least for “Gold-Lifetime members”. Hope Vick will consider that soon. That is a hope out of love being 4% family member.!!! THANK YOU

  7. Sridhar Rayasam Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Please have working funnel net or estage ambass meeting at 9pm est please, if you can! Thanks Vick!

  8. Stephanie Arkadie says:

    I’m going to Vegas. I’m all booked up and ready!

  9. Jack van den Berg Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    You are kidding, without me? No way. I stay, get used to it.