4-30 7K Metals Tour Funnel Launch!

We launched Wealth Autopilot 7K Tour Funnel! If you’re a Gold level member (or above) you can now add very easily this funnel to your HUB!

As promised in today’s meeting, here are the share codes to the funnel:

Stand alone funnel: https://app.estage.com/project-import/e67df22270a361333609cc53ea0f3a14  (use this if you don’t want it to be part of your central hub.)

HUB integration version: 8fc7c725f115a69b2e9e74fefd84bb11?saveMode=1,a7df99c765c3e61eae6cdae92e86251b?saveMode=1,a18efae35316e8b915d6dce8bd03b1a4?saveMode=1,e80345bf576377e44403ba514408514e?saveMode=1,1df922ee817433aada32853729b24956?saveMode=1,661ba4a72c0fa6abe0913935043c9f3a?saveMode=1,9c031c24888f31d841bb02424336e977?saveMode=1,34f3b10156ba39a72d80f9ad845db03c?saveMode=1

Important: Please watch this replay for step-by-step guide on how to activate this funnel.

Please stay tuned for another update coming up shortly!

P.S. If you’re not a Four Percent Gold member yet, you can upgrade here and get ESTAGE Free for 6 months.

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  1. Everett J Smith Super VIP says:

    Thanks for choosing quality over quantity

  2. Marta Navarro Gómez VIP says:

    Just amazing 🤩 thanks so much Vick for all that you do for us

  3. Thelma Lyles Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Vick You are a very bless man with a lot’s of knowledge and don’t mine sharing with us. Now go and get some rest before the rest get you.

  4. Lynn Iorio says:

    Lynn Iorio

  5. Maria Isabel Espinoza Super VIP says:

    Vick take care of yourself , have some rest, I can see how tired you are, you keep trying to pump up your heart, please your health is also priority, a million thank you for all are doing for us, truly very grateful and appreciate everything. Godbless you

  6. Maria Isabel Espinoza Super VIP says:

    Vick your such an amazing Mentor…you do above what you can to do to all of us to be successful to this Journey, Godbless you exceedingly

  7. Rajesh Mathur Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thanks Vick. I have set up my 7K Funnel and awaiting your update to start promoting.
    Thanks again and keep SMILING.

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