5-19 WA Team Call – TRAFFIC!

We talked about traffic, marketing, and hidden secrets of effortless sales. This stuff will make you a force of nature when you understand and master it.

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  1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    That’s an excellent recommendation on how to attach funnels to your hub with a separate domain and exactly how I would do it. Your connecting the funnel to your hub under your own mini-brand. Put some thought behind your ideas and let them marinate. It’s like Vick said there is no secret to traffic. He can give you the same traffic source, with the same creative and funnel that somebody is using to create a decent income stream and that won’t guarantee your success because it’s missing the YOU part. That was a big breakthrough for me understanding that and what makes all the difference. There is no way around it. That’s just the way things work. What kind of relationship and value are YOU adding to what you are already leveraging. There is no push button riches. This isn’t the lottery. Those are lies that keep people going in circles thinking the problem is the traffic source or the funnel or any other excuse you can come up with. Great stuff Vick. Like Jim Rohn says we get paid based on the value we bring. If your not making much money then guess what your not providing much value.

    1. Victor Okafor says:

      πŸ’― Well said. Is all about universal laws in this season.

      You never gonna be successful selling an idea you don’t care about or value.

  2. Sal Casillas VIP says:

    Awesome news!

  3. Beata Zeimis says:

    Thanks Vick

  4. Yi Luu says:

    Love it! Thank you Vick πŸ™‚

  5. Sridhar Rayasam Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    How To is good AND What Vick teaches is WHY and is always better.
    This is not JUST building online business alone. it is building yourself at spiritual level. Heck, wealth is a state of mind and you should mind what really is mindful! Enjoy folks!!!

  6. Curtis Futch VIP says:

    Thanks Vick great stuff

  7. Debby Misch Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thank you so much Vick for great marketing advice In this video! I’m now ready to switch from information overload to focusing on what I need to do to build my business into something great!