5-7 URGENT WA/7K Team Meeting – Must See!

Drop everything and see this so you don’t potentially miss a big opportunity. Here’s what you must do BEFORE Monday…

First, be sure to watch this entire meeting for important funnel network setup details.

Next, if you want to lock your Remarketing Plus for Wealth Autopilot bundle – go here now. (this is closing Monday)

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  1. Michael Allan Aquino VIP says:

    Damn that Link Rotator tool. Estage is the bomb now.

  2. Marcus Hernandez VIP says:

    Is this promo only for already existing members, how about the new ones who are just starting.

  3. Urciciana Caronongan VIP says:

    Hi Vick is this promo only for already existing members, how about the new ones who are just starting.

  4. Julia Richards says:

    Wow just listening to this, Good Stuff!

  5. D D says:

    no bloody idea what you are talking about… 7 k what?… platform for what?… what a weird site… no idea how to use it…

    1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

      Hey D D, if your lost and your new. I completely understand. It could be a lot to take in if your not aware of what’s going on. I recommend you start with the 7 steps to freedom program. To give you a foundational understanding of what this Pro entrepreneur/digital marketing education site is all about. We are here to help.

  6. Prisca Ogamanya VIP says:

    I tried making this $297 payment from the UK more than 10 times straight after the meeting until Sunday evening to no avail. The payment was not going through at all and after my bank confirmed the problem was not from their end, I sent a support ticket but they could not help and told me to try today, Monday after the offer had closed. The worst thing is that there is no way of reaching Vicks to let him know what happened to me. Now I have missed out on this offer!

    1. Debby Misch Super VIP Ecosystem says:

      Hi Prisa ,
      There should be a record of you reaching out to support. Contact them again if you still want the offer.

  7. Timothy Owen Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Love ❀️ it!
    Thank You πŸ™ Vick !!!

  8. Chuck Morse Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Vick and the tech team. What you have created here is beyond fantastic! I can’t even think of a word that meets how mind blowing this WA/7k program is now.

    Thank$$ a million!

  9. Maria Eves Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Fantastic! Mind-blowing Eco System. 21st-century marketing systems omg so excited. Grateful Vick you are a GENIUS.

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