6-8 Big Event – All Members Unite!

We’re launching 8 new things that can revolutionize your business. Watch this event replay and see for yourself.

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  1. Marcus Hernandez VIP says:

    Amazing updates. I appreciate and value how it’s all coming together and glad to be a part of this with so many positive persons. Thank you again, M&M Hernandez

  2. David Stewart Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Estate is looking absolutely incredible can’t wait to play about with it all


    Hands Down, Vick You Are The Best!!! Thank you for Sharing, Educating, Inspiring and ALL YOU DO. Plus Koodoos to the SUPPORT TEAM. FYI: My 2nd time listening and it gets better!!!!!

  4. Javier Rivera VIP says:

    Lmao… i love that comment Vick. “If you don’t believe me, try it out. Go lose money and then come back and listen to me”. Well said!

    1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

      Promoting indirectly by positioning yourself differently with your own angle/offer works everytime if done correctly. You exposed me to that idea a long time ago and its helped me make a lot of money. It works in every niche and for every product or service. Not very many know how to do that. I havent seen it fail for Vick. It hasn’t failed for me and it hasn’t failed for a couple of other highly skilled marketers i know. Im fully convinced at this point and believe wholeheartedly it works because not only is it great marketing but it also the principles and universal laws of success. Its like Vick says platforms, media and softwares might change and they always do. Its part of evolution but principles will never change because we are people and we are hardwired the same way. Thats why there really isn’t a traffic problem. Its everywhere. There is a fundamental business structure and design problem. If your business is not converting or making you profits. It doesnt matter how much traffic or from where its coming you send to your business because the problem isnt traffic. Thats why it hurts when i hear what traffic source can i use to send traffic because i can tell there is still a lack of awareness. Its like Vick says with the car analogy.
      The truth is it’s only one part of the success equation.


      Sure, gas makes your car go. And yes, traffic and sales are what
      drives your business and its growth.

      But how your car drives when you fill up the tank depends on a lot of
      other things.

      Filling up with high octane doesn’t mean your car will go fast. It doesn’t even guarantee your car will start. To look at traffic alone – by itself – as the only key to success is like thinking that simply buying better gas will transform a 1975 Gremlin to a 2011 Maserati.
      There are other parts of your car (and your business) that have to
      come first. Key parts you have to maintain and work to keep tuned up to make sure it performs at peak levels.

      So i understand why Vick needed to get all these things in place before officially launching. He’s been sowing. Great stuff Vick. Thats why i stay connected.

      1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

        Vick, your about to blow up my brother and open a lot of eyes in the industry with Ask Vick project. There is no doubt in my mind you will achieve your million dollar hub and your absolutely right about others copying your hub design and structure. I knew it was going to happen. I already see others speaking and promoting using terms like hub and ecosystem. You were the first though and the way you have planned of developing it with the case study. No one has done that yet. They can try to copy but they wont be able catch up. You are leading the innovation of this super powerful concept. A lot of members here have no idea of whats about to happen. Stay tuned because its going to be fun!

        1. Javier Rivera VIP says:

          Fyi… as im listening to this meeting. Im pausing it and sharing thoughts. Thats why i keep replying. Just in case!

        2. Mariana Farias Barlowe Super VIP says:

          You are so Right Javier.

          I’m glad to have gotten my car ready for the gas, drive and destination.

      2. SS Joubert says:

        Could not put it better!. Well said!

  5. Sandijs Lapsa Super VIP says:

    good stuff.

  6. Thomas Tarnowski Super VIP says:

    The PaperClip is BACK!
    Thanks Vick… Excited to get my Schedule more in order to take more part… I’ve been gone focussing on Holistic Health… Excited to connect more with all of you!

  7. Alison Franklin says:

    Pretty amazing updates.
    I love how it’s all coming together & glad to be a part.
    Thank you!!

    1. Thomas Tarnowski Super VIP says:

      Exciting Times.

      1. Alison Franklin says:


  8. Espen Sivertsen Super VIP says:

    The Sausage killed me!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†