8-12-21 VIP Partners Call

On this call, Vick interviews Kelsey Simon on how he’s making up to $2,500 a day as Four Percent VIP Promo Partner. Practical strategies and more!

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  1. Marina Ripa-Braescu VIP says:

    It was really interesting to hear how others actually turning what they learned into practice. I am at step 2, but I have revised the previous sessions in step 1 several times. Sometimes I forget what I heard, therefore feel like I hear it the first time. But often I pick up additional things I missed the first time. As a little anecdote: I watched the Disney movie Ratatouille with my granddaughter 8 times so far. While I know the story well by now πŸ™‚ every time I watch it I see something else I did not see before as I don’t have to concentrate on what was being said but what is in the scene, how are the colours, how they use the lights, etc (okay, I am a hobby photographer so that is obvious). It just shows that the brain picks up different things at different times and at the end you have the complete picture (pun intended) and a beautiful experience watching like a child a movie that unfolds in front of you and gives you a simple joy of being able to see.

  2. Raul Carranza VIP says:

    Very encouraging!

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