8-15 Success Talk + Latest Updates!

The invisible secret for success in anything you’ll do is … Well, watch this replay to find out.

Also, on this call, Vick went over the latest community updates, showed newest ESTAGE developments, the plan for the week ahead, and more!

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  1. VEENA B K says:

    Thanks Vick

  2. VEENA B K says:

    1. Rely on yourself. Ask What do I need to figure out ? Be myself. Be independent. Have your own perspective of things, ..this will make you magnetic. Everything is energy. Dont have entitlement attidue.

    2.Victim Mentality will not help

    3. Thinking I am not worthy. Play to win not to lose. come in prepared to Win. Information you listen to is very important. What you constantly Hear, it molds your Belief system. What you Hear is important.

    if you feel like you are not in control, you feel frustrated.

    train yourself to be confident. develop competence. become competent by training. train and repetition.

    feeling mini me, my business is bigger than me feeling…get over this. Leave negative mindset and victim mentality. Think this is my training playground. Focus on your self an your Goal. Winners focus on winning and losers focus on winners. Try to understand in between the lines. 4% within 4%. 80 of them doing nothing. do not jump from one program to another, work on yourself.

    Resonate with the product. can I sell the product with confidence. Can you sell it to your Mom? Gut feeling that this is a good product. learn Marketing, traffic, competition, sell indirectly so that you differentiate yourself. What you promote resonate with it.

  3. Daniel Pinson says:

    Trust the process. I truly believe this is going to be the future of affiliate marketing. If it takes 5 years I am here to stay. I will succeed just because I watch each and every video. While watching I have almost filled a notebook with notes. That is just the way I learn. I write after hearing it then it is forever in my head. Thank you Vick I am forever a customer a family member like you are with Apple.

  4. Mark Crabbe says:

    Hello Four Percent family. I joined this past Monday, 15 August 2022, as a Four Percent Gold member. Best decision to take action to join since slice bread. Looking forward to collaborating with everyone as much as possible. See you at the TOP!

  5. Joe Mastriano VIP says:

    So far so good…..

  6. Elida Cardenas Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thank you for this update!


    Very important video no one could miss.


    Right video at right time! You made it reach me exactly what I required for the moment. Thanks, Vick.