8-23-21 FR – Excellence is the Future

Latest updates, cash machines, and the future of excellence… Watch this!

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  1. Thomas Tarnowski Super VIP says:

    I’m excited!
    Just got done with my first ever Team call for my company, my first Core employee through upwork which will eventually be starting a team of their own & I’m treating them like a real employee for a real internationnally renowned company 🙂

    And Now This Info!
    & VIP Promo partner meeting afterwards.

    So Good! everything happens for a reason & even though my goal card date didn’t happen like was written… I was genuine… which is the core of my card.

    I am Excited!
    See you all At the top!

  2. Norman Chun Super VIP says:

    Thank you Vick and team for all the hard work in putting this all together, Iʻm sure when itʻs ready it will be full on Chicky-BOOM!

    Vick you forgot to mention that 7K is available in 7 Countries and not available in all!
    US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland currently.

    *** Please do not Promote 7K if youʻre not in any of these countries, 7K will shut this down like it did the first time around, I donʻt want to see that happening again ***

  3. george conner Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thanks Vick for the awesome trainings.

  4. Antonio Martínez VIP says:

    Super pumped ! Thank you so so much for all you do ! I’m 101% committed I’m going to succeed.

  5. Raminder Singh VIP says:

    Great Stuff !!