9-7 ESTAGE Office Hours with Vick

In this workshop, watch over the shoulder as Vick updates his HUB after the latest ESTAGE release.

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  1. Patricia Bezad says:

    Thank you so much, learning alot. I go back and forth between your video and my project and it helps.

  2. Cheryl Oxford Super VIP Ecosystem says:


  3. Alfred Vienneau VIP says:

    I’ve never seen a person put so much time and organize such a precise tool for us to have for our success, plus spend 2 1/2 hours explaining it to us. This is real and I love this tool. It’s as good as can be. A lot of us will be owing Vick everything for our future success. I’m 72 and do not have time to re-invent the wheel. This is exactly what I need, and I am very thankful to have it.

  4. ANNA HARRIS Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I went through this video several times to learn more and more. I have so many questions…..but am assuming they will all be answered as I work more and more with the new Estage. This video was tremendously helpful in pointing out many new features….I LOVE Estage! Thank you!

  5. Lynwood McClain says:

    Where are the new funnels , specially the ERC Funnel

  6. Samantha Augustin says:

    Wow. Cool stuff.

  7. Errol Grant Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    What an amazing meeting, so glad, it was recorded. Love the upgrades in Estage, and the new version is absolutely awesome.

  8. Eric Lloyd VIP says:

    What happened to the VIP partners meeting? I tried to get in and got a message saying it appears you are not a vip partner (I am) . I presume this was a glitch due to the 72hour switch over.

  9. DR Richard Muccillo VIP says:

    You never send me emails and I am a promo partner. So why is my question? And

    1. DR Richard Muccillo VIP says:

      What is the answer

      1. JUNIOR LINDO VIP says:

        You should be OK check replay

      2. Darrell Robinson says:

        Hi, Dr. It seems like you might have a question for support. If you look down at the bottom right of your screen, you can click on “chat” and get someone to talk to you right away. I have always been happy with their help.

  10. JUNIOR LINDO VIP says:

    Hi 4 percent Family

    1. Darrell Robinson says:

      Hello, Junior. Welcome!