Fam Reunion – Feb. 15 – Live from 7K Metals!

This was a special kind of live stream – LIVE from 7K Metals headquarters!

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  1. Stella Maris Spilinga VIP says:

    I’ve never been as much pumped up as after watching this replay. It’s incredible insane what these developers and you have done creating this unique system. During my years of been involved in affiliate marketing working a lot and struggling to have my breakthrough which I never could achieve, It was very disappointed for me not to be successful. I’ve always been a very successful woman. So I used to think to myself, well perhaps it’s not for me, perhaps God is preparing something bigger for me. And now I realize that this opportunity could be that bigger thing I’ve been waiting for. I’m doing whatever it takes to enroll on the 7k metals, even though I’m not on an easy position, because I will have to overcome some important obstacles. Success has never been easy for me, and thinking that this could be my last biggest opportunity that life put in front of me, there will be nothing that can make me give up the fight!!! Thanks Vick!!

  2. John Crowley says:

    I didn’t get the zoom link Vick…

  3. Cheryl Oxford Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thanks for the replay Vick. I do appreciate it. I have been having problems with my laptop and therefore sometimes I cannot logon.
    This information was enlightening. I was actually on the presentation this afternoon RE: THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS SOLUTION. That presentation was Really Very Enlightening. I PRAY and HOPE that I will be one of the many that is chosen for the license to do the BATA TEST. This presentation was good. THANKS Vick.

  4. nianzou aka VIP says:

    Thaaatttt smell so goooood! Future is smiling.

  5. Mary Ann Mallory says:

    This is all incredibly insane. I am so happy I persevered during a very trying time in my life. All these exciting things coming up are mind boggling. In 6 weeks I will be 90 and have a dream coming true with 7K Metals.

  6. Rajkumar Pangaonkar VIP says:

    I am Excited and Prompt, waiting for tomorrows Webinar see you Vick…