Fam Reunion – March 29 – The Pivot

On this call, Vick talks about the pivot – the new and better game plan, and the future…

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  1. Mary Brooks Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Coach Vick, I’m so inspired with focusing on EXACTLY the way you’re teaching “how to” become RICH by building the 7k business properly…..Just Follow-thru & Trust the Process…..Step One: To Become Copper! [Side note: $40M Mega Yacht Celebration of Success in June sounds incomprehensible to my very inexperienced entrepreneurial ears] HOWEVER, I’m ready for all of this!! 🙂

  2. J. Crystal Lane says:

    Where do we connect to the landing pages if we are gold monthly

  3. Wilson Joseph VIP says:

    where will landing page for me

  4. Lisa Pearlman VIP says:

    #replay Tues 3/30

  5. Maria Eves says:

    luv the binary sustem great move Vick pivot…