Vick Builds Personal Site – LIVE on ESTAGE – Pt. 1

Watch over Vick’s shoulder as he builds his personal brand site from scratch… Live on ESTAGE!

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  1. Greg Saporta Super VIP says:

    thank you Vic, this really helped

  2. Maria Eves Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Did you know kids are goats…phrase of speech I guess for some. i know but still…and my golly gosh this is an amazing platform to work with it just gets phenomenal by the day. Nothing like it out there…fantastic training Vick

  3. Clete vammen says:

    The reason that I wanted FP gold so much was so that I could get estage gold. I am not disappointed. I couldn’t handle the original estage. This estage is great. Thank you. I am awaiting Vick’s part 2.

  4. David Ellis says:


  5. Tim Kreft says:

    Vick … thanks for sharing. While you are helping me out by showing me how to use e-Stage, more importantly, your THINKING OUT LOUD and working through the copy and the design HELPS ME MORE. Tactics and mechanics are important but Strategies, Copy, Design and Creativity are VITAL.