WA Team Call – April 7th

We’re here to build something huge. Here’s how our funnel network will work, and how you can use it to build a solid Gold/Silver empire for yourself and your family.

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  1. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    Looking and sounding great,I did not know this video existed until last night.
    Now am happy

  2. Brady Acheson VIP says:

    I feel like Wealth Auto Pilot Academy will need to be updated with the new funnels coming out for gold members.
    As a leader of 20 basic Members who are excited about 7K metals I want them to have success within 30 days. If my down line has success so do I and everyone above me including my sponsor… But here is my dilemma, I believe the basic replay presentation needs updated as well, so BASIC Members can leverage a portion of what I get as GOLD. I want my team to win! I’m Gold and soon to get the Tour Funnel plus some. And let’s face it the Tour Funnel is going to be Awesome and I want my TEAM to have access to a TOUR basic Version if possible. I’m VIP but I would rather have them Ranking first and getting small wins, then seeing the power of 4%. I know this is business but I am the biggest advocate for my TEAM and a voice for basic members. I know Vick isn’t ignoring WAP Basic members, he’s handling priorities.

    Suggestion, Maybe Basic members can upgrade to silver and get an upgraded Version of the 7K Metals Tour Funnel or similar? Thanks Vick if you read this. STAY RAPID

  3. Maileen Duffy Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    i am more excited with the postcard marketing.. i have designed my own and order it locally coz its cheaper.. and its coming!!