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Here are some world-class entrepreneur events you do not want to miss!

Four Percent Family Reunion!

Tune in every week to hear the latest exciting news, updates, message of the week, recognition, and more!

The Secret "Money" Experiment

Over the last 9 months, we've been quietly conducting a secret experiment in a financial market... Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY :-)

Watch Vick Build His Personal Brand Site - LIVE!

Watch over Vick's shoulder as he builds his personal brand site from scratch on ESTAGE!

7 Steps Mastery - Live Coaching

This is a private 7-Steps to Freedom Mastery group coaching session. Master the 7 steps - create the life you want!

Wealth Autopilot - Team Training

This is our official Wealth Autopilot (7K Metals) team training. Learn how to grow a team, build a $100k+ income, and make a difference!