SEO Mastery

In Real Estate the 3 most important words are: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

Your website (or any of the web properties such as a video, podcast, blog, etc) is a virtual "real state" property, and the same 3 words remain most important - location, location, location.

Whether you're a company owner, selling products or services, an affiliate, speaker, author, consultant, have an e-commerce store, selling advise or anything in between - having your website showing up in-front of the masses of people that are already searching for what you have is paramount to your success.

The big question is "How Do You Do That?"

There were two problem entrepreneurs were facing - information overload and inaccurate information / useless trainings.

Not anymore!

Introducing - SEO Traffic Mastery from Four Percent.

This is world's most complete, most potent and cost comprehensive training program that shows you how to master SEO.

Presented by world's top SEO expert - Josh Earp. Josh is a marketing consultant to multi-billionaires, TV Stars and Celebrities.

In summary, Josh teaches billionaires how to make more billions by leveraging the power of organic search through Search Engine Optimization.

In this course you will learn everything from A-Z on how to start and master SEO.

Whether you are selling your own product or you’re promoting something as an affiliate - these skills will certainly elevate you head and shoulders above your competition, allowing you to direct massive amounts of traffic from search engines including YouTube and channel them to any website of your choice.

Just imagine the possibilities!

The best part is this is some of the highest quality traffic and you will learn how to get it 100% FREE and long-term through Search Engine Optimization.

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Curriculum For This Course

  • 01:35

    Lesson #1: Course Overview

  • 21:45

    Lesson #2: Seo 101 Recorded Webinar

SEO Mastery

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  • Instant Access to Full Course
  • Multi-device compatible
  • Complete SEO Mastery from A-Z
  • Secret Tools and Software Reveal
  • Perfect training for eStage system
  • How to rank your website
  • How to rank YouTube videos
  • How to promote affiliate offers
  • How to get unlimited traffic through SEO
  • How to rank ecommerce products
  • How to create SEO consultancy
  • BONUS 1: Niche Traffic Hacks
  • BONUS 2: Amazon Ranking Secrets
  • BONUS 3: Ongoing monthly coaching