Vick’s Book List, Real Talk, Creating a Movement

In this session, Vick talks about what books he reads, recommends certain ‘must-reads’, and casually delivers a ‘real talk’ that can change your future.

Please watch, enjoy, and leave your comments below!

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  1. Ankit Kshatriya says:

    Super amazing, leaders are great readers!
    Thank you so much, Vick!

  2. william jallah says:

    Hello Vick, great lecture and mind set of a millionaire. Got to you through Aaron Chen, after been frustrated watching again and again on the internet over 15 years with no solution. But Aaron spoke good about you and your presentation said it all,,, Can’t wait to join your team.
    Thanks for the class and will always follow you,
    Will J.

  3. Ansie Moolman VIP says:

    Reading self development books, open up a whole new world to you. I have heard very
    early in my life, that only 5% of people start and finish a good book. The statistics could be
    different today, but it does create a paradigm shift anyway.