11-15-21 Family Reunion – Awesome Updates!

Latest news, awesome updates, and big ideas to make 2022 a rock-solid year!

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  1. Ernest Gamez Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Vick Im having difficulties in Building my Estage. I could use some help.

  2. Lina Abdelbadia Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    replay. I can’t describe how blessed I fell to be part of 4P, thank you Vick

  3. Isidro da Mata says:

    Amazing stuff Vick! Thank you! πŸ™

  4. Danny Granot says:

    Hi Vick, Thanks for the great update. I’m happy that you’re back.
    I am an old life-time promo-partner of 4P for several years but was not active. Now I came back and found that I was downgraded to basic with no access to any of the courses that was available for me before. And I am not able to promote any of 4P’s products anymore. It will be very appreciated if this situation will be corrected. Thanks

    1. Kelvin Fernandez VIP says:

      Probably best to write in to 4 percent support…

  5. Raminder Singh VIP says:

    Super !!