11-2-21 Family Reunion

Latest updates, potential opportunity to work with ESTAGE team, perfect timing!

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  1. Bayarmaa Buyaa VIP says:

    First of all thank you Nigel!.
    I just watched family reunion replay.. and I am glad I watched., thank you Vick and your team for all the hard work.

  2. Keith Massey Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Everything looks to becoming together in all stages of the many projects in the offering.

  3. Richard Finn Super VIP says:

    Hello Vick, I am interested in becoming a support person for e-stage. I am pretty new to your community, but I am learning quickly and am a quick study. I just lost my job due to COVID, but I want to work, and I want to build my hub and online business at the same time. I am ready for this challenge. Please let me know how to submit an application for the position. Thanks so much for all you do,, this community and your teaching is like nothing else out there!