3-30-21 Gold Annual (and above) Call With Vick

This was a private call with Gold Annual members and above.

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  1. Peter Wurzer Super VIP says:

    In my opinion, this “Home on the Internet” term (created with Estage) seems very underrated.

  2. Maria Eves says:

    Estage is gonna blow every other platform out of the water. No hosting required that is such value to begin with. Landing Pages good lord this is certainly the 1 stop shop in the making for any marketer. Total comfort knowing I won’t have to duck tape anymore…as for 7k I’m just getting started binary you will take me out of my job this year. Thankyou Vick & Miles…

  3. Rubirosa Cruz says:

    Hi! I am a gold member monthly. I am still saving to upgrade to the annual. I am also a member of Wealthy Autopilot. I am halfway..a month more and I will upgrade. I hope I can still follow you.

  4. Wilson Joseph VIP says:

    you should have your own domain and blues hosting account for the same

  5. Janusz Paliczak Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thank you! Vick

  6. Joseph Kim says:

    Thanks Vick. But why … Why I keep saying that I can not’ do this myself in my mind. I found I have amazingly negative mind. Very sad and discouraging.

    1. Jared Terpstra VIP says:

      Hey Joseph, have you been through been through 7 steps to mastery? You have every opportunity to succeed right here. No excuses man. Why NOT you? Youโ€™re also not doing this by yourself. Amazing leadership here to guide you.

  7. William MS Jallah Jr VIP says:

    You know Vick, since I heard you at one of your presentations last June 2020, it took me back to the movies “THE MATRIX”, as a truck driver always over the road; The songwriter always said, “SOON N VERY SOON”. Thxs for bringing in Miles, WOW, . Ask me to stand on one foot, and I’ll on my toes. Let’s go, and no watching replay Vick.

  8. Jeremy Hines Super VIP says:

    Yesss indeed!

  9. Tracy Baker VIP says:

    Pure AWESOMENESS! Thanks Vick and Miles ๐Ÿ™‚