4-26 VIP Partner Meeting

We tested new ESTAGE updates, talked about Qliqly and other cool things!

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  1. Phyllis Love Segers Super VIP says:

    I had to catch this as a replay because I would get a message telling ERROR! Great stuff. I would like to add that I bought Webinarfuel and I have contacted with our support and Webinarfuel’s support and both support groups say I need to contact the other company. In other words, FourPercent says I need to contact Webinarfuel and Webinarfuel says I need to contact support for FourPercent. So right now, I have bought Webinarfuel and it was connected with FourPercent but when everything got upgraded, I lost my connection and can’t seem to get help with getting it back for me to use.

    1. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

      did you get sorted i bought webinar fuel

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