Drama, My Response, and Our Future…

Every Four Percent member should watch this video. I addressed the latest drama and many important things you should know about.

Also, tonight is a hard deadline to lock your Four Percent Platinum special upgrade spot – click here to lock your spot now.

This is your final chance and opportunity. If you want it, don’t miss it.

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  1. Donna Jones Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    TY Vick! I’m so grateful for your passion to help us succeed. Have you thought about doing motivational shorts on YT!

  2. Jorge Dutra says:

    I am financially strapped at present

  3. Robert Melciu Super VIP says:

    Hey Vick, personally I support your movement and your vision. I see this company going somewhere big too. I am pumped to be able to work with you and grow my personal business to a high level.

  4. ARS Trust says:

    Hey Vick.

    I’ll repeat what you told me Hawaii. Keep Your Head up and Your Eyes On The Prize!


    since 2016

  6. Michael Pineda says:

    I have total faith in you and your insight Vick, forget these people, they have no patience for learning, it’s the way of the world today, no patience, they want everything now!!!!

  7. Cameron Malcolmson Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Thank you, Vick, everything you offered us was 100x ++ what you asked for… I’m truly amazed, inspired, and grateful for your help and what you doing with Estage and Fourperct.
    It keeps me on track and thinking bigger, challenging me to grow. This is my life, and I LOVE it!
    Side note: upsells are “optional” if I call myself a marketer and get offended when other marketers make me another offer and another, I would be embarrassed to call myself a marketer/ business owner… Every video offer and move is a lesson for everyone watching. Whether we buy or not.

  8. Keith Massey Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Hi Vick just a few words from me, its very sad that so many of your customers do not or cannot see the vast importance of what you put to them for their future development, building a new life through internet marketing. The positiveness of what you are trying to teach them is begining to be distroyed by a lack of understanding through a negative reaction before they give themselves chance to
    see what their future could become through so many options you put before them.
    In finishing they need to stand back and take another look a very good look at what they have before them.

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