12 Rules of a Four Percenter

If you ever wanted a simple guide to creating extraordinary life, this is it.

In this session, Vick goes over the 12 rules for creating a magical life.

Watch and enjoy πŸ™‚

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  1. Irina Leivo Super VIP says:

    You know Vick, You are an Angel to me. Thank You! Miracles are coming all day long! Be Blessed! It`s time to build some pages now! πŸ™‚

  2. Norman M kennedy VIP says:

    Vick I 7 grandchildren and want to leave a legasy for them..

  3. Will Manda says:

    Thank you Vick.. took days off work to catch up with the success challenge. So ihave been waiting for it to unlock and have been binge watching all your tutorials. You my friend are an inspiration and What I is t love is that you you make believable . You have this style of teaching that resonates with me.

  4. Raymond Bailey says:

    Great Bible verse principals too!

  5. phatnothai Sakulkoo VIP says:

    I got a lot of things you teach here! you wake me up..thanks so much for the good lesson.

  6. Shubham Dobhal VIP says:

    wow !! that was powerful .

  7. Michael Franklin says:

    I would like to be part of what sounds like a great program haveing a hard time getting loged

  8. Cynthia Taylor says:

    Great info!

  9. JIGAR PATEL VIP says:

    Very well Explain ….12 rules of Four Percent My Learning note as below
    Rule -1 Clear Vision of the Future which you want to be create (Vision is Important)
    Vision directes your focus as well as determined your route
    Vision directes which friend ….Purpose of the life
    Rule -2 Never complain about anything that you can not or unwilling to change or Not able to change
    If you like to change then change it and then never complain
    Rule -3 Learn somethine new today which close towards your goal to achieve tomorrow
    Read Book
    Rule -4 Every sweat every day (Mental and Physical ) ( Reading and Running)-Exercise every day
    Rule -5 Give away that away have more of you
    Rule -6 Don’t be cheap your journey to greatness
    Rule -7 Simplify everything because there is great power in simplicity
    Rule -8 Don’t settle for good enough commit to excellence everything you do
    Rule -9 Don’t be busy be efficient , effective and Productive
    Rule -10 Take reponsibility of everything being control and make thing happens
    Rule -11 lead by example never ask or expact anyone to do anything or not willing to do your self
    Rule -12 Self decipline to aciieving your vision

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