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Do this every day, no matter what

Coaching With Vick    Mar 21, 2020  |  267

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  1. Freida Hod VIP Promo Partner
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    Glad to see you again and would like to congratulate you on Four Percent 4.0
    Truly amazing, and well done.
    I appreciate you and your team for all the work and dedication to put this together.
    I can see on you, in your red eyes, the long hours and sleepless nights as I watched your Video:
    ‘Do it ANYWAY!’ which is an inspiration on not to quit even when the going gets tough.
    You are a true mentor to me to follow as you are giving a personal example.
    I wish you your family and the Four Percent all the very best health and success. AMEN!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So true to keep you on track and to keep moving forward each day to reach your goal ($10K a month, maybe)? Once you have reached your goal, set the next one ($50K a month, maybe) and so forth.

    Repetition is the Key to Reprogramming your Mind. Once you have train the mind, everything else will fall in place, You Will Become UNSTOPPABLE! Vic I am ready to live a life of a sound and peaceful mind in rich and abundance to empower me to inspire and lift others to live their purpose!

  3. Emi Koulev VIP Promo Partner
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    Slowly but surely 🙂


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