Huge Productivity Booster REVEALED!

In this session, Vick shares a very powerful strategy that can immediately boost your productivity and make you laser-focused on how to get what you want and more!


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  1. Greg Morris says:


  2. Charles Dalgarno Super VIP says:

    Vic you just summed up why I have no traction

  3. Karthikeyan Jayaraman VIP says:

    Awesome thanks Vick

  4. Bernhard Scudlik Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Awesome lesson!

  5. Julie Badger Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    I tried what Vick suggested today and every half hour I wrote down what I had done.
    The result I am currently suspended on the grounds I am unproductive, stuff gets in the way and getting things sorted take so much time. BRILLIANT LESSON better than the time management courses I have done before. Thanks:)

  6. Venkata Kiran Cherlopalli Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Its so simple and powerful. Really a great session..Thank you so much Vick for these valuable sessions..

  7. Ansie Moolman VIP says:

    Thank you, Vick. I experienced this first hand this morning. My phone was near me when I was doing
    Bible study and read my book:- “Psyco -cybernetics”. The moment you pick up that phone and check
    whats app messages, you steal productive SELF time! Your teaching today, bring it home even more. (now there is for example $333 “attached” /linked to this non-productive activity that I allowed to sneak in)

  8. Bhrungi Balakotaiah VIP says:

    no college taught, no professor taught and more over no millionaires or billionaires are not taught this kind of stuff except vick in the world. Yes I am correctly said. With practicals and setting an examples not only theory here. Great to be here vick. I am blessed . Thank you. : )

  9. Anthony Allison Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    This topic was eye opening. Going to implement this tomorrow.