Live Q&A – Money, Opportunities, Next Level

In this live Q&A session, Vick discusses many deep ideas, money, opportunities, and so much more!

Watch and we hope you enjoy this segment!

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  1. Himanshu Thakar Thakar VIP says:

    Excited to be part of FPC. Can u launch some special offer for VIP members to enroll in AMA or IMA. So that we can learn and implement the same. Thanks in advance.

  2. Bernhard Scudlik Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Love to be part of it.

  3. Richard Witherspoon says:

    Vick I am in with WHAT EVER YOU ARE INVOLVED IN. We talk about ideas and success. POSITIVITY ALL THE WAY. PERIOD.


    That would be AMAZING if your Development Team could do that for us $$$$

  5. Nicko las says:

    Vick you have never been clear when it comes to functions like

    1) Getting your own affiliate hub like 4% (where affiliate can post their own affiliate links for other third party tools)

    2) Creating an affiliate system that let people leverage your landing pages

    Do you build up a pitch where we can leverage your platform OR do you just dance around the topic?

    1. Nicko las says:

      “leverage your landing pages”

      I meant that I can share my own marketing material and let other use it, like webinar funnel etc

      1. Nicko las says:

        haha you answered in 20min in the video.

        Can you please create the option of deleting our own comments?

  6. David Prosser says:

    You canโ€™t be a leader if negativity is part of your brand

  7. Des Kilbourne VIP says:

    Vic I’m disappointed…

    I’m from the UK so unable to listen to the live videos at 2am UK time. But I don’t mind the catch up so I’m not complaining about that.

    I am part of ITA and I think your training is second to none.. PERIOD I defiantly won’t need another traffic course again that’s for sure.

    What I’m not happy with is that I also payed for the partner affiliate program which support on the chat is saying that I cannot access it as it is been transferred to a new site.

    And they have no idea when I can access it which is not good..

    Why would you charge me for something that is not there?

    Plus if this is going to be the biggest community on planet earth according to you. At least you would have thought I would have got an email from support telling me what is going on with what I payed for.

    I signed up on the 16th of April and since then I have just been going through the videos but I’ve had no information on what I purchased..



  8. Freida Hod Super VIP Ecosystem says:

    Watched one live and 3 replays plus this one now. The live timing is hard on me to watch 4:00 AM but I am not missing the replays every day. It is very knowledgeable and inspiring now and for the future and implantation. I would like to invite to this platform my people who are not yet in the 4% and waiting for my link to do so. Thanks

  9. D D VIP says:


  10. D D VIP says:

    We need this system Vick make this happen please dont hold back at all.