The WAR – Part 1 – How To Win

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  1. GAURAV KUMAR says:

    Mind blowing stuff Vick

  2. Sergio N. VIP says:

    Quiet with Brand and PAID TRAFFIC please!

  3. Jaffer Alshiekh Super VIP says:

    This is so great Vick. Thank you I seriously learned a lot here

  4. Bruce Keiffer says:

    Yes well done. Speaking of someone who might have gone from loud to now kind of out of focus in the picture space is Tim Ferris. 4 hour work week. Really do not see his name that much anymore. Could this be the danger of being too loud! Think Peter Frampton, or other Rock Stars that put out music so fast hardly have time to enjoy the one before it. Thanks

  5. Kamal Kishor says:

    its great stuff Vick. wanna go with Quiet πŸ™‚

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