[Special Event] – Internet Traffic & Affiliate Marketing

This is a special session dedicated to mastering Internet Traffic and Affiliate Marketing.

Due to an overwhelming number of requests, Vick opened up a special limited-time offer for those who wanted to enroll in Internet Traffic Mastery and/or Affiliate Marketing Academy but couldn’t afford it. If you’re one of them – be sure to watch this session and take advantage of the opportunities made available here while you still can!

Here are direct links to registration pages that reflect the special offer:

Click here for Internet Traffic Academy special enrollment

Click here for Affiliate Marketing Academy special enrollment

This offer will expire and close without warning, so if you want in – don’t miss your chance.


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  1. Partha Deb says:

    Hi vick….i have a question….
    If i become a Vip partner, dn do i have access to all dis academy training(i mean free)???

  2. bala iyer says:

    Hi Vick. Any possibility of further discounted offer??? I am from india and in terms of our currency, this still is little stressful due to present constraints. While I appreciate that this is a lifetime investment and has it’s own value, it’s a genuine request from my end. I am keen to know. Here its 9th june , morning 830 am in India

    1. Aashish mathesul says:

      Let me know also for offer extension

  3. Ralph Berkmann VIP says:

    Hi Vick, I agree with Denise’s comment of June 5th, thank you for this explanatory video …. and want to motivate that you create two short videos (6 – 8 minutes each) out of this content, which we can use to promote ITA and AMA special enrollments!

  4. Denise Black VIP says:

    Hi Vick, Your videos are so much better, when you teach, as you did here. When you are focused on what you are teaching, and not distracted by the audiences comments…When you lose focus of your train of thought and the message you want to express, so do we. This video was REALLY good. Thank you.

  5. Richard Witherspoon says:

    Vick listen, this is my life line right now, I need everything you are offering in order to get my business going, so I do resinate with what you are saying and I will continue to follow the program.