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The Language of Money – Part 2

Live with Vick    May 05, 2020  |  2,233

Welcome back!

If you missed part one of this series – click here to watch part 1 first.

In this session, Vick shows you a very powerful model for money management you can start implementing today.

Many people reported that their lives literally changed when they started following this blueprint.

We hope this serves you! 🙂

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  1. Evelyne Nyambura says:

    Vick, this is great stuff! That part about God not watering the earth until he could get a manager is profound. Thanks, Vick!

  2. Sherry Douglas VIP Partner Pack - Active
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    Awesome training Vick that I will implement in my business and life.

  3. John Thomson VIP Partner Pack - Active
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    Great presentation, full of the right information for people starting out, Its the one of the first things everyone starting out should do. Especially the taxes .Great stuff

  4. Bernie Lacoursiere VIP Partner Pack - Active
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    Hey Vick,
    This was great stuff. I’ve never had this RTWCGO management plan explained to me before. Thanks for your valuable insight!

  5. James Griffin says:

    Make sense I love it it is a place to start

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